The #1 platform for data driven sustainability decisions

Quickly find suppliers and business partners based on your compliance to reach your sustainability goals.

Focus on what really matters - not on gathering data

Be smarter

With machine intelligence, we uncover what you can not see and enable you to focus on strategic thinking instead repetitive research. 

Uncover risks

We empower you to constantly manage risks regarding human rights and product disclosures to improve your compliance standards.

Make impact

Ecotrek levels up your sustainable supplier management to foster net zero supply chains based on industry frameworks. Collaborate with your suppliers to develop compliance. 

You are a... ?

The sustainable future of supply chain management and procurement

How revolutionary SaaS will turn procurement officers into high-tech users.


And we are only getting started

We are working on a SRM Platform with an integrated sustainable search engine that enables procurement and sustainability managers to make sustainable business operations real. That is ambitious. Wondering why we tackle this challenge? Are you interested in our purpose?

Presented to the whole world

Can you present your responsible corporate management efforts?

Monetize your existing expenses in sustainability through increased costumer relationship and decreased costumer acquisition cost.

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brand value increase

Driven by day 2 day success

Our smart tool turns simple data into tempting profiles.
Whether you want to position your company or receive insights of what your competitors are doing – ecotrek gives your team superpower.

Focus on what matters

With ecotrek you can focus on your strategy, while we help you to present your efforts to business partners – already existing or new ones.

Adding value to your efforts

Create close customer relationships and achieve great marketing results with our complete range of advertising and analytic solutions.

Sustainable workflows that just work

Sustainable operations require expert analysis of valuable data. Offering this information at a glance – that’s ecotrek. We source suppliers based on your CoC, manage your existing suppliers and help you to collaborate with your network.

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cost reduction​
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reduction of scope 3

Focus on efficiency

Do not waste time searching for relevant information – we will take over. You can focus on managing your sustainable supplier network and reduce your scope 3 emissions.

Sourcing that is effortless

RFx processes are exhausting – ecotrek gathers real-time sustainability data into a well-arranged user interface.
With AI we uncover more and ensure compliance of your supplier network at any time.

Relationships that matter

Ecotrek is your trusted guide to transparent relationships.
Detect strategic risks early by replacing supplier questionnaires with our valuable data sources.


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