The No. 1 platform for sustainability credentials and sustainable supplier management

Quickly find all relevant information about suppliers and business partners, which you need for strategic decisions and the realization of your sustainability goals.

Focus on what really matters - not on gathering data

Expanding the information base

With technologies, such as machine learning, we create a knowledge base, which you are hardly able to acquire through manual research. Make informed and data-driven decisions.

Measuring supply chain impact

We enable you to measure the impact of your supply chain and allow you to focus on your goals for a more sustainable supply chain.

Reducing impact effectively

Ecotrek efficiently integrates the dimension of sustainability into your procurement processes. Significantly reduce your supply chain impact and take advantage of changes in the market.

What others say

“ecotrek’s solution creates transparency and is a great way to get valuable information on supplier sustainability performance within seconds”


Yvonne Jamal

Founder & Managing Director at JARO Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization (e.V.)​

“Instead of ratings and manual research, ecotrek’s specialized process aggregates data instantly and objectively – providing the ability to find the right partners to rely on.”


Frank Ebinger

Professor for Sustainable Innovation and Transformation Management @TU Nuremberg

“Use ecotrek’s BIG data application to increase sustainability in your supply chain. My compliments to this young start-up with incredibly dedicated people who are convinced of their mission.”


Thomas Heine

Managing Director of SDG media GmbH

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And we are only getting started

We offer a software, which automates and seamlessly integrates sustainability in procurement and supplier management. Sustainability in supply chains should be taken forward in a goal-oriented and measurable way to prepare companies for the new market conditions. That is ambitious! You may ask, why we take on that challenge? Or are you interested in our goals in more detail?

Efficient sustainability processes, that make customers happy.

Always have all informations regarding the sustainability of your company handy. Expand your market positioning to a sustainable supplier of first choice

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Efficient data management

Our intelligent tool administrates your complex sustainability data in transparent profiles and creates order. No matter whether it is in customer calls or in benchmarking with your competitors – maintain a clear overview over your sustainability and have answers to any question handy.

Focus on the fundamentals

Ecotrek systemizes and standardizes the exchange of data and creates efficient ways of communication for the topic of sustainability. In doing so, we value a seamless integration into the existing system infrastructure.

Away from manual bureaucracy, towards intelligent automated processes – We create capacities for the advancement of true sustainability.

Customer satisfaction and market advantages

Through maximum response capacities and response rates – make the relationship with your customers a success story. Recognize market trends early on and strengthen the customer interaction with the help of ecotrek.

Easy to operate

The integration of sustainability into the existing workflow requires efficient tools and a solid database. To have these informations quickly and all at a glance – that is ecotrek. We create transparency regarding the sustainability of your suppliers and partners, make the sustainability of your supply chain tangible and support you in the goal-oriented implementation of your sustainability strategy.

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Focus on automation

With our AI, ecotrek automates the aggregation of sustainability related data about companies. As a platform, it also offers efficient communication and goal-oriented exchange of sustainability data between firms.

Supply chain impact at a glance

To make the actual impact of a supply chain tangible and visible is a real challenge.

On the basis of data profiles of your suppliers, we display your supply chain impact and your recent target archievements on a clear and comprehensible user interface.

Seamless IT - and process integration

Ecotrek offers target figures, which help to easily establish sustainability as the 4th decision-making dimension – next to price, quality and reliability. In doing so, ecotrek can be seamlessly integrated into existing ERP-systems.

Choose suppliers and partners, who fit your company and sustainability strategy and thereby develop a solid corporate network.


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